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How Fast Can You Get a Non-owner Sr22

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In most states, the sr22 form is sent the same day electronically into the appropriate DMV computer system. An Express Reinstatement (available in some states) can have a license reinstated as quickly as today.

Important to Note
Make sure to give yourself time for the State to clear your license.  In most states, it will take about 3 days after they receive your sr22 before you are cleared in their system.  With our Express Reinstatement Option, it may be possible to get reinstated today.

Check Other Requirements
Your state may have other requirements in addition to the sr22.  Make sure that you have met all requirements and paid all fees. It is quite common for the state to require a reinstatement fee in addition to the sr22 filing.

Don't Drive Until You Have Written Proof of Reinstatement
Assuming that you are ok to drive is a big mistake.  Make sure that you receive a written letter of reinstatement from your state's DMV office.

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