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Who Needs a Non-owner Sr22

If your license has been suspended for dwi, dui, tickets, accidents, child support violation etc., then you probably need an sr22 to get the driver's license reinstated. If you don't own a vehicle - then you need the non-owner sr22.

You may wonder, if I don't have a car then why do i need sr22 insurance?  This is just a way of your state making sure that if you have a license then you have the financial responsibility (sr22 insurance) in place just in case you do become liable for damage or injury. 

Most states only require the sr22 filing if you have been in some trouble or been suspended.

Common SR22 Mistakes & Myths

  • You only want a non-owner policy if you (or your spouse) don't own any vehicles. 
  • A non-owner policy doesn't necessarily make it ok to drive just any vehicle.  Make sure, that if you drive a loaner,  that the vehicle is insured by the owner! Most states require a proof of insurance card for the vehicle.
  • If you have a non-owner policy and buy a vehicle, don't cancel the policy, you might be able to add the new vehicle to the policy that you already have.
  • If you have a non-owner policy and drive an uninsured car (and get caught), you and the vehicle owner  may get your license suspended. Make sure any vehicle you drive is insured.

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