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What Is A Non-Owner Sr22

The non-owner sr22 is an insurance policy offering basic liability coverage for a person that does not own or have regular access to a vehicle. The Sr22 Financial Responsibility Form is sent to the State DMV and kept on file to meet reinstatement requirements or licensing eligibility as set forth by the respective state.

How is the Sr22 Filed?
An electronic filing is available in most states.  The electronic filing will speed up your reinstatement process.  It is important to realize that, the DMV may take a few days to clear your license after they receive the sr22.  It is advisable to purchase the policy and sr22 as soon as possible. With our Express Reinstatement Option, it may be possible to have your license reinstated today.

How to purchase an Sr22 Policy?
You can purchase and activate your non-owner policy with a credit or debit card on the telephone.  The policy can become active immediately upon payment.

Use our multi-rate tool to compare prices from several sr22 friendly insurance companies

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